Mr. Azad Sadeghi

Few businessmen bring the sheer volume of experience and acumen to a transaction like Azad Sadeghi. Educated at the University of Augustana, and holding bachelor degrees in Economics and Arts, Sadeghi has established himself as one of the foremost experts in the fields of commodities brokering, materials consulting for construction, and project financing. Established in 2003 and jointly based in Edmonton, Alberta as well as Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Sadeghi’s company, Azten Enterprises, has built up an impressive network of domestic and international clients. Sadeghi has successfully done business with firms in China, the Middle East, India, Brazil, and the European Union.

The greatest quality Sadeghi brings to bear is his innate ability to identify new, emerging markets, identify the need, and use his global connections and clout to meet the need as required. A true broker, Sadeghi has united buyers and sellers globally and has a wide range of contacts in several different industries, allowing him to add value on a project on multiple levels.

Mr. Abbas Mozafari Zadeh

Mr Mozafari Zadeh is an engineer with 40 years experience working as a civil
engineer. Mr Mozafari Zadeh has done numerous projects in asia, middle east
and Europe. Projects such as roads, bridges and commercial buildings. He
brings a wealth of experience by joining Azten Enterprises.

Mr. Saeid Mozafari Zadeh

Mr Mozafari Zadeh is a civil engineer and has worked on many projects over the last 13 years following the success of his father. He speaks several languages which makes him so valuable when he is called upon as project manager.