Azten is heavily involved in large scale construction and real estate consulting. We work closely with developers and contractors, leveraging our extensive experience in commodities trading to source bulk materials at the right prices. The supply and demand of commodities fluctuates globally, as do the prices. We work hard to ensure that our clients are insulated from any adverse fluctuations in materials costs by looking forward for them, scouting out supply sources well in advance of the project to make sure that the project comes in on time and on budget. Even the most minor fluctuation in the materials cost of a large scale project can equal financial disaster, which is why Azten is constantly working behind the scenes to keep prices constantly low and mapping out purchasing strategies for our clients ahead of time.

It’s by constantly processing global economic indicators that Azten has earned a sterling reputation for preserving our client’s best interests even in the midst of a worldwide economic downturn. The past few years have been rough ones for most companies, yet Azten has not only survived, it has thrived, actually increasing our client base, futures trading sales volumes, and the scope of our construction projects.

Azten has been a key player in numerous diverse large scale construction projects in Western Canada, including commercial endeavors with Peter Kiewit in Alberta and entire upscale neighborhood tracts in Vancouver.