The dream exists, the drawings are complete – now where do the funds necessary to build come from? Azten can help. With years of bulk commodities purchases, real estate and construction project experience, Azten has developed a formidable network of investors, financiers, and banks able to provide funding for projects of all sizes. Financing is a large part of the expense on any given project, and we can help you obtain the right financing for your job, ensuring your project receives optimal cash flow and profitability for investors.

Laying out the structure for a successful financing endeavor involves much planning on our part – on your behalf – to get the necessary funds at the best rates. Azten frequently partners with large financial institutions like Vancouver Structured Mortgages to provide funding for both common and unique projects. Developed over years of global transactions, we also have a vast network of unconventional financing sources for projects that don’t fit the mold. Whatever your project is, let us help you get it off the ground with the money you need at the most competitive rates.